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All Together Inspiring

Watch, learn and do. At IBIE, you have dozens of hands-on opportunities right on the show floor to gather creative ideas and learn practical tips from the experts that can be applied immediately to enhance and improve your own retail offerings. Hone your technique, polish your skills and spark your imagination at these high-value demos.


   All demos are free and held on the show floor
   in the Amoretti Demo Theatre.

Sunday, Oct. 6

11:00 AM | Fruit Caramels, Marshmallows and Original Nougats | Stage 2
Chef Sébastein Canonne, M.O.F. French Pastry School
Candy is a staple in every convenience store, but finding homemade versions of childhood favorites is a different story. In this demonstration with Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. of The French Pastry School, you will learn how to incorporate fresh fruits into high-quality sugar confections with classic techniques and modern tools. Chef Canonne will give you expert advice on how to incorporate well-loved sugar confections into your everyday production.

11:30 AM | Increasing Cake Sales with Traditional and Popular Tres Leche Cake and the Many Delicious Varieties | Stage 1
Jose Perez, Carrie Skromme, BakeMark Technicians 
This session provides an overview of the traditional three milk or tres leches cakes. Perez and Skromme will be demonstrating the various applications of tres leches including tres leches cakes, cuatro leches, jelly rolls, parfaits and more.

12:00 PM | Design and Flavor like a Pro | Stage 2
Flora Aghababyan, Chief Cake Designer, Wynn Las Vegas & Maral Barsoumian, Amoretti
All natural and easy to use icings can make you look like a pro–this demo by Flora Aghababyan looks at how pastry chefs and bakers can use this new icing product offering from our sponsor, Amoretti, to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Learn ways to upscale your pastries, cookies and cupcakes with exciting new flavors while providing the all natural products that customers are looking for.

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12:30 PM | Traditional and Trendy Dessert Creations | Stage 1
Werner Schanzl, Corporate Pastry Chef
This demonstration will marry delicious flavors and Old World traditions with a modern spin. Flavor is the most important factor in the development of fine pastry creations and Dreidoppel, a German based company, has 100 years of experience producing fine fruit, nut, coffee, and liquor flavorings for culinary professionals. Join us as we showcase The Dreidoppel Flavor System—creating delectable desserts using our dessert powder that can be processed quickly and easily and with our huge selection of flavors.

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1:00 PM | New Ingredients and Product Trends in Bread | Stage 2
Michel Suas, President, San Francisco Baking Institute
Are you ready to add new breads to your menu? Join the award winning Michel Suas to learn the latest trends in bread making.

1:30 PM | Wedding Flowers | Stage 1
Ruth Rickey, CMSA
Learn how to make many of the most popular wedding flowers as Ruth demonstrates working with gumpaste for retail settings. She will show you how to make a stargazer lily, a rose, a calla lily, a peony and leaves. Ruth will explain how to easily wire flowers, how to color them, what to look for in a gumpaste recipe for your area and how to price flowers. This will be a fast paced, informative demonstration!

2:00 PM | Orange and Yuzxu Marmalade, Raspberry and Rose Pepin, Exotic Salted Caramel Spread | Stage 2
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, French Pastry School
The art of making homemade jams and spreads is not just the newest trend: the practice has been around for centuries. In this demonstration, Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of The French Pastry School will teach the age old practice of preserving with a modern twist. In his original recipes, Chef Pfeiffer will teach you new techniques and recipes that will add unique flavor to your business. As businesses lean towards local, homegrown, and organic not only as value points but also as buzzwords, the possibilities for this old-fashioned approach to preservation keep growing.

2:30 PM | Assembly and Delivery of Fully Decorated Tiered Cakes | Stage 1
Bronwen Weber, Frosted Art Bakery & Juli Chapin, CakeSafe
Bronwen Weber from Frosted Art Bakery, and Juli Chapin from CakeSafe will demonstrate how to build your wedding cake using a support system so that your cake layers stay level and can be easily delivered.

3:00 PM | Raisin Rosemary Bread | Stage 2
Melina Kelson-Podolsky, C.M.B., C.E.P.C. Baking and Pastry Chef Instructor, Kendall College
Raisins add a special touch to any item, but work especially well in this new formulation which combines them with rosemary. Chef Melina will demonstrate the production of Raisin Rosemary Bread and provide samples of her fresh baked bread.

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3:30 PM | 2013 Donut Trends, Movers and Shakers | Stage 1
Larry DaSo & Traci Maginn, Dawn Foods
Larry DaSo and Traci Maginn will discuss donut trends and do a live decorating demonstration of some fun ideas for bakeries and donut shops including the banana split donut, maple bacon donut, hot dog donut and early bird gets the worm donut. This presentation will look at compatible components for decadent donuts, including icings, fillings, non-dairy whipped icings, candy decorations and toppings.

Monday, Oct. 7

11:00 AM | Gluten Free Baking | Stage 2
Michel Suas, President, San Francisco Baking Institute
The demo is based on old Ancient Grains’ long fermentation that reduces the discomfort during digestion for people who have gluten intolerance–plus new processes and ingredients for gluten free bread.

11:30 AM | Expanding the Flavor Palette by International Foods & Ingredients, Inc. | Stage 1
Stanton Ho, Pastry Chef Consultant, Chocolates a la Carte
Explore new trends and techniques with International Foods & Ingredients, the premier source for the bakery professional. Our demonstration will show you how to expand your flavor palette with exotic spices, internationally-inspired recipes, and vibrant flavor fusions like white chocolate and winter citrus. We’ll also celebrate alcohol-infused desserts in surprising, palate-tickling combinations.

Learn expert tricks and techniques to craft innovative, elegant desserts that are both easy to create and economical using high quality products from Dreidoppel, Jean Ducourtieux, DGF and Casa Luker.

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12:00 PM | Plated Dessert | Stage 2
Chef Sébastein Canonne, M.O.F. French Pastry School
A great dessert depends on the balance of flavors, textures, and temperatures. In this demonstration, Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. of The French Pastry School will guide you to follow your senses when creating a delicious and engaging final course. You will learn the thought process behind creating a tantalizing dessert using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, modern techniques and creative presentations.

12:30 PM | Artisanal Gelato & Sorbetto | Stage 1
Chef Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo
Maria Coassin of Gelatiamo will demonstrate the authentic way that gelato and sorbetto are made in Italy using milk, cream, eggs when necessary, fruits and excellent flavors such as pistachio and nocciola. Maria will share her expertise on which ingredients to choose, and why and how to select them. She will explain the importance of the balanced recipe and what it means to be an artisan.

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Equipment & Concepts Inc.

1:00 PM | Pizza Art: Not Just for Fun, but Good Business Marketing | Stage 2
Domenico Crolla, Bella Napoli
This demonstration will demonstrate why pizza lends itself well to marketing more than other dishes on the restaurant menu. It will describe why photographers love pizza and show step-by-step Domenico’s process for creating his pizza art. This has never before been shown in Public! Pizza art is not just for faces, an artistic hand is needed by every pizza chef to make a pizza look delicious, after all, we eat with our eyes. Domenico will show the principles of distributing toppings on a pizza for maximum visual effect.

1:30 PM | Sprinkling Can Cake | Stage 1
Pat Jacoby, Patty Cakes
This demo will teach how to assemble a structure for a sculpted cake. You will see how you start with the structural pieces and will see the step-by-step assembly process. Learn what pieces to buy and how to ice the cake completely in buttercream.

2:00 PM | Artisan Chocolate Candies | Stage 2
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, French Pastry School
Explore the world of chocolate in this demonstration with Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of The French Pastry School, as he shares with you the art and science of this delicious medium. You will learn the secrets behind producing interesting flavor profiles and luxurious textures using some of the best chocolate available. You will learn how to make an assortment of delicious candies using new techniques that you can bring back to your business.

2:30 PM | Fun with Mike and Peg | Stage 1
Mike Terry, CMSA, Peggy Tucker, CMSA
Certified Master Sugar Artists Chef Mike Terry and Peggy Tucker will show you tricks for upscaling your photo cakes, flowers made with icing sheets and ways to make isomalt wedding or cake toppers–all made fast and easy! These ideas are fun and easy for all skill levels.

3:00 PM |Artisan Flavors for Cold Applications| Stage 2
Flora Aghababyan, Chief Cake Designer, Wynn Las Vegas & Maral Barsoumian, Amoretti
See and taste how you can save time and money while improving the quality of your cold desserts. Chief Cake Designer Flora Aghababyan will show ways to use artisan flavors from our sponsor, Amoretti, that are ideal for flavoring any gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, mousse, butter cream, or whipped cream, and which allow you to add a delicious flavor profile to all of your creations.

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3:30 PM | Buddy Valastro – Fondant 101: Wedding Cakes | Stage 1
Buddy Valastro, TLC’s The Cake Boss
Buddy Rose
In this 50-minute demo Buddy Valastro, star of the TLC hit show Cake Boss and Next Great Baker, takes you past the buttercream introducing your business to the ease and retail advantage of using fondant. In this class, Buddy will demonstrate how to cover and decorate a 3-tier wedding cake with fondant. You’ll be rolling it out yourself in no time.

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Tuesday, Oct. 8

11:00 AM | In Crust We Trust | Stage 2
Chef Kim Montello, CMB, Senior Baking Instructor, Johnson and Wales University
This demo by Kim Montello will include an explanation of the correct ingredients to use when making pie dough and info on where to purchase the ingredients. He will show the correct method to measure, mix and roll out pie dough, along with Blind Baking and tips for making classic Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan Pie.

11:30 AM | Callebaut American Classics Revisited | Stage 1
Chef Celine Plano, Barry Callebaut Technical Advisor
Brownies and pies, puddings and s’mores…the familiar blends of tastes and textures in these classic desserts make them as beloved as apple pie to Americans. But while the flavors are sophisticated enough, the presentation of these desserts tends to be very simple and straightforward, leaving them visually bland. So Chef Celine Plano, Technical Advisor at Barry Callebaut gave the classics a facelift –dressing them up while leaving their original flavors intact. More elaborate, visually-enticing presentations give these familiar recipes an upscale air, appropriate for restaurant dessert menus rather than their usual venues of family picnics and backyard barbecues. Everything old is new again… Take a fresh look at these American Classics.

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12:00 PM | Fleur de Sel. Pepper, Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse Cake | Stage 2
Chef Sébastein Canonne, M.O.F. French Pastry School
You don’t just eat entremets and petits gâteaux, you experience them. In this demonstration by Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. of The French Pastry School you will learn how layers of flavor and texture come together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts: the elements of creamy mousse, tender sponges, crunchy layers, and more can create thousands of combinations and sensations. Join Chef Canonne as he guides you through the process of making a truly memorable cake.

12:30 PM | Rubber Stamping with Colored Cocoa Butter | Stage 1
Lisa Berczel, Battledress Paint and Body
Add versatility and speed to your decorating and plating with Rubber Stamping! This demo highlights the versatility of Colored Cocoa Butter and Rubber Stamping. Also included are airbrushed accents and making custom rubber stamps with silicone.

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1:00 PM | Gelato Novelties and Using Alcohol in Your Product | Stage 2
Chef Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo
Learn the importance of having novelties in your gelato/ice cream store and the technique to creating these delicious profit making items. Maria Coassin will share her expertise on making cakes/pops using the same techniques she has used at her store Gelatiamo for 17 years. In this demonstration you will also learn how to incorporate alcohol into your gelato/sorbetto and how it affects the balancing of your recipes.

Sponsored by: Equipment & Concepts, Inc. 

1:30 PM | Colored Cocoa Butter and Molded Bonbons | Stage 1
Jin Caldwell, JinJu Chocolates
Award winning Chocolatier Jin Caldwell will demonstrate how to work with colored cocoa butter and mold scrumptious and profitable bonbons. Master the techniques from one of the top Chocolatiers in the country.

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2:00 PM | Boosting Sales with Hispanic Customers through Seasonal Opportunities | Stage 2
Jose Perez and Tom Altavilla, BakeMark Technicians
BakeMark Technicians will present an overview of seasonal opportunities for Hispanic products including pan de muerto and rosca de reyes and will demonstrate how to make them.

2:30 PM | Pizza Spinning by PMQ | Stage 1
US Pizza Team
Come see pizzathletes from across the country demonstrate their Pizza Spinning Prowess and skill with the dough. The U.S. Pizza Team is dedicated to peace, love and the American Pie, competing across the country to raise awareness of the industry and the sport of Pizza Acrobatics. The U.S. Pizza Team will start you on your journey to dough spinning with a few simple steps for beginners using Throw Dough, the official practice dough of the U.S. Pizza Team. They will also amaze you with individual acrobatic routines set to heart pounding music. If you want to join in on the fun of learning how to spin like the pros, stop by our demonstration area and get your hands on a Throw Dough to try out some tricks of your own! Also check out the American Pizza Championships and the U.S. Pizza Team Trials at booth 2029.

3:00 PM | All About Macarons and Financiers | Stage 2
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, French Pastry School
Many of the French classics are best experienced in miniature – petits fours. Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of The French Pastry School will guide you through making these indispensable treats, including the French favorites, macaroons and financiers. Learn how to create these classic French petits fours that look a beautiful as they taste.

3:30 PM | Buddy Valastro – Fondant 101: Tiered Birthday Cakes | Stage 1
Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss
Buddy Rose
In this 50-minute demo Buddy Valastro, star of the TLC hit show Cake Boss and Next Great Baker, will demonstrate how to bring your cake decorating to a new level using fondant. In this class, Buddy will cover and decorate a 3-tier cake fit for a birthday celebration. You’ll see, tiered cakes aren’t just for weddings anymore.

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Wednesday, Oct. 9

11:00 AM | Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Creative Decorating Competition Awards | Stage 1
RBA Staff
And the winner is… Join our 12 contestants and sponsors as we award the gold, silver and bronze medals to the top decorator in each of the five categories that they have completed during the on-floor competition Sunday through Tuesday. Be on hand to see who is awarded the coveted Pillsbury Bakers Plus Grand Championship trophy.

11:00 AM | California Raisins Chouquettes | Stage 2
Chef Dominque Homo, Consultant
Chouquettes: Cream puffs covered with crunchy nuggets of sugar, then baked until golden-brown and made better with the addition of California Raisins. Join Chef Dominique to learn the secrets of these easy to make and delicious to taste treats.

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12:00 PM | Pie and Fruit Fillings | Stage 2
Chef Joe DiPaolo, Duncan Hines Comstock
Making pies are easy when you know a few simple tips. Chef Joe DiPaolo will explore tips and tricks to making a delicious fruit filled pie.

12:30 PM | Realistic Wafer Paper Molded Flowers | Stage 1
Lisa Berczel, Battledress Paint and Body
Expand your flower-making repertoire! See how to make fast, inexpensive, super light, humidity friendly flowers and leaves. Demonstration includes molding, airbrush, assembly and storage.

1:00 PM | Creating Gemstones in Chocolate | Stage 2
Jörg Amsler, Instructor, Sugar Arts Institute
Jörg Amsler will demonstrate how to make gemstones that not only look beautiful, they are tasty to eat and realistic.

1:30 PM | Techniques for World Class Laminated Doughs | Stage 1
Jory Downer, CMB, Bennison’s Bakery
Are you buying frozen croissants and puff pastry? How about your Danish Dough? Do you currently make them but wish they were better? Learn the fundamental principles of lamination from start to finish. Discuss the difference between using butter and shortening…the benefits and precautions. You will leave with a solid foundation of knowledge to make better yeasted and unyeasted laminated pastry.

2:00 PM | Spice Bread, Pains D’Epices | Stage 2
Chef Dominique Homo, Consultant
Chef Dominique shares the formula and technique of this sweet and spicy bread that tastes best when served 24 hours after baking and keeps for up to two weeks. And of course, it features great tasting California Raisins.

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